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Can you imagine the extraordinary feeling of someone revealing the thoughts in your head.? This is a feeling of childlike wonder, a special memory that one cherishes for the rest of his or her life. This is Jasveen's speciality - close-up magic - a style of magic which is performed for just a few people, usually, not more than ten, situated right next to the magician. Miracles are performed at very close quarters, right under the noses of your important guests.


Jasveen blends his formal education in South Asian Religions and Sanskrit literature with a multitute of other interests to offer insights into the human condition. Drawing from his life long interest in subjects from magic, shamanism, ethnobotany, metaphysics, and consciousness, he offers novel approaches in human empowerment.


Magic and advertising are both deeply rooted in manipulation, and exploiting knowledge of human psychology. Magic tricks exploit the same cognitive patterns that advertisers exploit with logos and ads. Some psychologists today are considering how they can use magic to advance our understanding of the brain, and help us be less easily swayed by such manipulation. Learn how Jasveen can apply the insights and principles of magic to boost your advertising.

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